Wednesday, May 14, 2014


My two careers in the cluster Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics are a Bicycle Repairer and a Flight Attendant. A bicycle repairer effects our ecomonmy big time. Since riding a bike somewhere is better for the earth in many ways than driving a car, bicycle repaires help the country save money to fix pollution problems caused by cars. Flight attendants keep many people comfortable and entertained during flights. If the flight attendants were rude or if they did not exist, people would not like riding in planes and use cars instead. Again, the pollution levels would rise and the country would have to spend more money on the problem. Air planes can hold and transport more people and goods than cars can, also while traveling at a faster speed than cars can. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics basically carry the country. If we did not people working in these areas, we would not be able to get anywhere, have certain goods and foods, and most likely would not survive. All of the other clusters would not be able to function without transportation because they would not have a way to get to their jobs or the certain materials used to perform the jobs.