Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My chosen career is an Obstetrician Gynecologist. An OBGYN is in the cluster "Human Science." Also, I have a career chosen as an Embalmer in the cluster "Health Services." The two clusters are a lot a like because they both primarly focus on helping people. An OBGYN delivers babies, doctors pregnant women, and helps with disorders of babies that are just born. Embalmers get bodies ready for funerals. They sew the lips together, drain the blood from the bodies, replace it with embalming fluid to keep the bodies preserved, and dress the bodies so they can be put in the casket. Both an OBGYN and an Embalmer deal with humans. On the other hand, they really do not have any more similarities. I personally would choose to be an OBGYN because I love babies and I think that working with dead people all of the time would make me very upset. I think I could work in human services because I find some of the jobs very interesting, but once again, Human Science interests me a lot more. Human Services really confirms my chosen career. It shows me what jobs I really do not want to have and points me toward being an OBGYN a lot more.

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