Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ag comparison

After researching careers in the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, you should be making connections between those careers and your day to day life. How does each of the two careers you learned about relate to your life? How does each of those careers relate to our community? How do they relate to, fit in to, or affect our nation in general? My two careers I chose from the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources cluster are a Veternarian and a Zoologist. Both of these careers related to my every day life because I love animals and I love taking care of them. The Vet relates to my community because there are probably 4 different vets offices here. They are very common in Paris. A zoologist really does not relate to my community because in Paris, we do not have exotic/big animals you would find in zoos or actual zoos. Both veternarians and zoologists are very beneficial to our community. Without them, animals all around the nation would die and most of the species would go extinct.


  1. Well Ivy, It's a pleasure knowing that you care for animals and enjoy taking care of them. This post was very informative in the fact that it taught me that there are 4 different vet offices here in Paris. It also taught me that without Zoologists and Vets animal species would go extinct.

  2. I agree with your post. You did a great job at explaining how both the careers you chose to research relate to not only yourself but your community. Even though we do not have a zoologist here in our community it does however relate to our nation. I completely agree with your statements and they back up and support each other well.